Meet A Sponsor of Repeat After Me

"I'm a champion and fighter for children. One of my greatest joys is being a bridge to helping them with opportunities and resources I'm blessed to have." - Carrie Moore

Meet our sponsor - Carrie Moore

Carrie Moore believes in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to create capital to end human suffering. Her sponsorship of Repeat After Me enables us to provide over 1,000 books to children healing from traumatic situations.

As a Level III sponsor Carrie is able to show her support and impact with everything listed on this page.

Personalized Graphic

Personalized Social Graphic

Carrie can show her support of getting positive affirmation in the hands of kids with this personlized graphic. These graphics are perfect for sharing on social media or including in print media.

Here are ways Carrie likes to share her support:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • At the end of her YouTube Videos

  • On presenation slides

Customized Book

Carrie's sponsored books include her company logo and the logo of the organization she is sponsoring the books for.

Repeat After Me books printed with Sponsor's Logo

Customized Affirmation

Tangie and Carrie worked together to create this customized affirmation that Carrie will use in her print and digital materials. She plans to use it to create a postcard for her clients.

Customized affirmations matching your company's brand and messaging

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