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and provide books to kids healing from a traumatic situation.

With your support, we will deliver these powerful books to young children that have been through a traumatic situation.

Your sponsorship will have a real impact; 32.4 million American children go without books at home and have no access to a library. A staggering 1 in 30 American children will face homelessness this year.

See one donor's customized sponsorship package.

Buying in bulk allows us to deeply discount the price by over 33% to $8 while still empowering Repeat After Me with a profitable operation to create other positive products like books, flash cards, and T-Shirts. There is much to be done to spread love, positivity, and supportive internal dialogue.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

These books are powerful but, arguably, even more influential are the stories that will be told about how your contribution changed the lives of kids by empowering them when they needed help the most.

Looking forward to working with you to change the lives of children.

Written with Love,
The Repeat After Me Team

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