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Growing up, I was not raised by my biological parents. I felt like an outsider. I felt rejected, abandoned and alone. There was no love and compassion, and not one human being that could help me cultivate a healthy state of mind. I had accepted my story as I saw it and was sure to remind myself daily that I was unwanted and unworthy. I took pride in being detached from others, because a detached individual cannot be hurt when the next person leaves them behind.

I spent my childhood and much of my adulthood on the brink of uncontrollable tears or explosive anger. It was not until I learned to change my perspective and my mindset that I started to heal. I grew into a completely different person as I learned the power of affirmations, visualizations and gratitude. Years later when I had my own children, I finally understood what it means to have unconditional love. I was able to forgive the past. This process took DECADES.

I want better for kids that can't see their true potential. I think every child deserves to be happy and fulfilled, They should feel free to learn and explore, unencumbered. As a mother, I've always strongly believed that my children's thoughts were not only important, but very powerful as well. I want to give my kids a head start on the power of mindset, and I want the same for yours too. So, I created a series of affirmations for kids to do just that.

I noticed that many nights when our kids would climb into bed, our natural bedtime routine drifted into chatting and snuggling together, as we made shadow puppets on the wall. We would tell each other stories and let our imaginations run wild. We would talk about our hopes and dreams for the future and, each time we had these little talks, I knew I was planting a seed for future growth. I could feel the energy radiating from their little bodies as I watched in awe as the gears turned in their heads. I thought, "I'm sure that whatever they dream, they can achieve it as long as they hold these images in their mind. This is visualization at it purest".

I created Repeat After Me books as a way to train their brains to visualize their dreams consistently, and to give them positive cues throughout their day. I especially wanted these cues to be present when I couldn't be.

The books are incredibly simple, yet subtly complex. In 10 daily affirmations, you are establishing good daily habits, bonding, creating neural pathways, and teaching gratitude. You could spend as little as ten minutes reading together and know that you are accomplishing something great because you are paving their little paths for happiness and success.

So, whatever you may be: a mother, a grandfather, a teacher...are you ready?

Repeat after me...

Tangie Nadimi

Happy Readers

"What a wonderful project! I have 3 grandsons all under 3 years old so I would love to expose them to books such as yours."
Grandma of 3
"I love this! I love the rawness of parenting! I love that I can know I'm not alone and have different ideas of positive affirmation for myself and my child! I am going to love watching your journey Tangie Nadimi! Great job and keep going!"
Mom of 1 Energetic Girl
"Purely AMAZING!"
Mom of twins!!!
"Omg Tangie I love this so much!!!! I will gladly buy your books I am all about positive affirmations especially for children!!!!!"
Mom of 2 boys

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